Indie Support Weeks is an open effort aimed at helping indie developers within the Apple Developer Community who have been impacted by the current global COVID-19 pandemic. We will be showcasing the apps created by the indie developers inorder to support them during these times of global pandemic. Download their apps and support them. (We don’t charge for showcasing the apps. We will showcase the apps only if they meet our quality checks.)

App Showcase

1. Snoopcover (iOS, iPadOS and macOS)

Summary - Mask and share confidential images at a tap.

Key highlights - uses AI to mask sensitive content, quick share, uses advanced masking algorithms, secure and private.


iOS, and iPadOS download link

macOS download link

2. Captionize (iOS and iPadOS)

Summary - Write beautiful captions for your Instagram posts.

Key highlights - increases content focus, add line breaks, secure and private.


Download link

3. Timemator 2 (macOS)

Summary - “Time waits for none.” Timemator 2 is a macOS application which let’s you to track your time effectively.

Key highlights - auto-tracking, activity Timeline, manual time-tracking, and 100% secure and private.

Discounts - Timemator is providing a discount of 30% for ohmyswift’s readers. Do you want to grab one? contact us here


Download link

4. NativeConnect (macOS)

Summary - Built using AppKit, NativeConnect is a mac app which lets you manage your appstoreconnect account on the go.

Key highlights - Supports multiple Apple IDs, 100% secure and private, share libraries via iCloud, and open format for automation.


Download link