Indie Support Weeks is an open effort aimed at helping indie developers within the Apple Developer Community who have been impacted by the current global COVID-19 pandemic. We will be showcasing the apps created by the indie developers inorder to support them during these times of global pandemic. Download their apps and support them. We do not charge for showcasing any of the apps. We will showcase the apps only if they meet certain quality checks. Do you want your app to be reviewed by us and showcased in here? Send an email to [email protected]

App Showcase

1. Winya (iOS, and iPadOS)

Summary - Stream games from iPhone/iPad like a PRO. The UX of the app is amazing. It gets you started in seconds.

Key highlights - Stream games, Unlimited streaming, pause streaming, control video quality with precision, control audio quality with precision


iOS, and iPadOS download link

2. Sourcery Pro (macOS)

Summary - Sourcery Pro is the most advanced Xcode Source extension ever made. Do you hate writing protocol mocks, adding Codable conformance,or just writing same patterns over and over again Now you no longer need to, it’s just a shortcut away, and you can automate any other repetitions in your Swift codebase too!

Key highlights - Generate Swift code, Xcode extension, Automate repetitive code, powerful editor with intelisense


macOS download link

3. Proxyman (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS)

Summary - Developers, rejoice. We have an excellent debug assistant to add to your toolkit. Its name is Proxyman – from Proxy + middleMan. Natively built for macOS, the app is an easy way to intercept HTTP/HTTPS requests and debug from your Mac, iOS simulator, or remote devices without disrupting your network connection.

Key highlights - Intercept network requests, network debugger


iOS, and iPadOS download link

3. Core Data Lab (macOS)

Summary - Core Data Lab lets you easily view, edit, track and analyze data of SQLite based Core Data apps. Trust me, it is the best CoreData debugger tool out there.

Key highlights - Data change tracker, predicate editor, data editor, extensive field viewer with support for HTML, XML, JSON, images, binary content and more, simulator browser, relationships viewer, entity description viewer, export to CSV and JSON.


Download link